Special Project: Maryam Saleh & Crash Nomada

Maryam Saleh’s residency at Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm, where she was drawn by her interest in folk and punk music from Sweden, materialised in a collaboration with the Swedish band Crash Nomada. Serendipity played a part when the artists met and realised they all shared a passion and interest in Sufi music & heritage – much of Maryam’s work is concerned with reinterpreting local Egyptian songs by little known songwriters and singers and Crash Nomada’s interest in the work of the Swedish sufi painter Ivan Aguéli (as documented in their recent EP inspired by the late painter’s life and work). The first outcome of the collaboration was a single, recorded and filmed, which was released by Arab music label Mostakell in April 2017. The single features Maryam Saleh singing a Sufi song along with Crash Nomada’s vocalist singing his own lyrics inspired by the themes in Maryam’s chosen sufi song.