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Lekhfa | اﻹخفاء

Lekhfa is the creation of Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, three musicians who came of age in 1990s Cairo. Decades later the three musicians – who have each blazed their different paths… Read more Lekhfa | اﻹخفاء

Nadah El Shazly | ندى الشاذلي

Nadah El Shazly is an experimental Egyptian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Her work both radically reinvents the popular music of her homeland from the early 20th century and explores… Read more Nadah El Shazly | ندى الشاذلي

Maurice Louca’s Elephantine

On Elephantine, his new Northern Spy/Sub Rosa album, Cairo-based Maurice Louca guides a 12-piece ensemble through a panoramic 38-minute odyssey, which he describes as his most ambitious project yet. One of… Read more Maurice Louca’s Elephantine

Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler |كاميليا جبران وفرنر هاسلر

“… Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler’s Wameedd is the most challenging, creative, and disturbing. Hasler a Swiss composer and performer of electronic music, provides an eerie, subtle, and remarkably appropriate sound… Read more Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler |كاميليا جبران وفرنر هاسلر